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Working with Dawn French...

Guys, I'm SO EXCITED to finally share this post!!

Last year, I attended an open casting day for a 'supporting artiste' role in an upcoming ITV drama.

Ross holding his audition number: 525

A few months later (in May 2019), I got the call and was so excited to start filming.

Originally titled 'Glass Houses', the series follows Dawn French as the main character, Maggie.

Set in the close-knit coastal resort of Thurlbury, Maggie is interviewed by a radio journalist for a small reportage piece about local life. The fallout from her very public gossip-fest disrupts the lives of her fellow residents, making this comedy drama a must watch!

ITV have since announced that the six-part series will launch at 9pm on Wednesday 4th March 2020, titled 'The Trouble with Maggie Cole'.

Check out the official trailer below:

I had so much fun filming on the day, that I couldn't let this memory pass without a special mention on my blog.

Don't get me wrong, my appearance is VERY brief, should it even make the cut (episode six as far as I know!)

Without giving away too many spoilers, the scene I was booked for was set in a hospital waiting room.

There are strict rules on the day in terms of the shows secrecy, with no mobiles or photography allowed on set. I would have loved a cheeky selfie with some of the stars, but I definitely had my "professional" hat on for a change.

The only secret shot I was able to get was of this random light... you're welcome.

Backstage at the hospital, a large free standing studio light

I arrived around 4pm and it was a gloriously sunny day. All the other supporting artiste's were located at an alternate venue, until they were called for filming. As this was not accessible for me, I was lucky enough to wait behind the scenes at the main set.

During the long waiting time, I got chance to meet so many awesome people - from the show's runners, security and members of the ITV team.

At one point, I even got chance to speak with Dawn French one on one. As expected, she was just as lovely in real life, and payed a real interest in everything I had to say.

Of course, we even discussed the classic scone debate - cream on top, always.

Mark Heap, famously known for his roles in Benidorm and Friday Night Dinner also co-stars. Behind the scenes, he was just as hilarious and friendly.

Official cast photo of Dawn French and co

My main highlight from the day was the moment I nearly ran over Dawn French...

Can you actually imagine.

In between scene takes, I whizzed around a corner in my wheelchair and unbeknownst to me, Dawn was also approaching from the opposite direction - resulting in an emergency stop.

We instantly laughed and she was quick to announce to the entire room: "watch out for this guy - he's dangerous!!"

Dawn French and Julie Hesmondhalgh

In total, I was there for around 5 hours. As a massive fan of all things TV and media, it was so exciting to see all the backstage production.

To be paid for it as well was just an absolute dream. I am really looking forward to seeing the show in action, and can't wait to explore more opportunities like this in the future.

'The Trouble with Maggie Cole' airs on ITV this Wednesday, 4th March 2020 at 9pm.

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